Parking and transportation

Skiarea Bozi Dar Neklid is easily accesible by car, the reaching distance is around 120 km form Prague. You can also use public bus lines to get to the town of Bozi Dar, in winter there is also speciál ski bus duty

  • Praha – KV – Ostrov – Jáchymov – Bozi Dar (cca 125 km)
  • Plzeň – KV - Ostrov – Jáchymov – Bozi Dar (cca 100 km)
  • Chomutov – Klášterec n/Ohří - Ostrov – Jáchymov – Bozi Dar (cca 50 km)
  • KV - Ostrov – Jáchymov – Bozi Dar (27 km)

Visitors can park for free directly by the cash desk at the top station of the lifts. It is also possible to park at several parking lots at the town of Bozi Dar from where you can easily get to the resort by using the connection Tbar „za Prahou“.


The map