Cross country skiing

When you get bored on slopes, you can easily switch for cross country skis and continue having fun. There´s the famous Ore mountains cross country highway directly accesible from the Ski area Bozi Dar Neklid. Around the town of Bozi Dar you can try the Jesus child path, which is designed for kids first tries. You can also cross the border to Germany, where can be found hundreds kilometres of great trails. Another great cross country trails can be found on Strawbery meadow, competition area about 400m front of the town of Bozi Dar.

Cross country skiing - Map

Běžecká trasa Délka stav
Boží Dar - Pernink (Jelení, Nové Hamry) KLM 15 Km Upravené
Za Špičákem - Hubertky - směr Fichtelberg ( D ) SM 6 Km Upravené
Okruh Boží Dar - okolo Špičáku - Boží Dar 10 Km Upravené
Špičácký okruh pro skating 6 Km Sjízdné
Okruh Karlův běh 20 Km Upravené
Okruh Božím Darem 4 Km Upravené
Okruh okolo Mysliven 7 Km Upravené
Boží Dar - Plešivec 11 Km Sjízdné
Boží Dar - Hubertky - směr Tellerhauser ( D ) 4 Km Upravené
Boží Dar - hranice - směr Fichtelberg (D) 2 Km Upravené
Boží Dar - hranice - směr Breitenbrunn (D) 6 Km Upravené
Okruhy Jahodovka 1-7 Km -
Boží Dar - Klínovec 5 Km -
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28.12.2013 LUSTI skis testcenter

On Saturday 28th Dec you can test LUSTI downhill and telemark 2013/14 ski models. The booth will be located ant baby park next to the Moser slope. more