Winter´s still here!

The skiresort still offer more than great conditions. Colder weather and some fresh snow returned the winter feel to the mountains. There´s over 50 cm solid snow layer on the slopes, which are daily shaped and offers brilliant skiing experiences up to closing times. The are no bumbs or ice griddles. There are many obstacles shaped in the snowpark. The resort is open everyday till 4.30 p.m. so its worth to come afternoon or enjoy night skiing on the lift G on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 6pm - 9pm


There´s good artfificial base layer covered with powder snow on our slopes. Total snow amout about 80cm. Therefore are daily shaped slopes are in perfect condition. Slopes last without ice griddles and bumbs till the end of the day, skiing doesn´t  loose its quality as the day goes by. Spacious slopes on Neklid are great for real skiers who like to enjoy wide carving turns, on the other hand, blue slopes "Za Prahou" (B) and "Hrancie" (G) are great for begginers who need enough space for first tries. Thanks to sufficient transport capacity nobody waits in queues and skiing is therefore fluent.

Operating time prolonged till 4.30pm without changes in pricing

Night skiing on lift "Hranice" (G) opens Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 6pm - 9pm



Video report shred 4 snow

Video from openning snowpakr event shred 4 snow. Thanks to all, riders, participants, organizers, shape crew, and our sponsors Horsefeathers and Nitro snowboards more


Lusti testcentrum 28.2.

Come and test czech prime skis Lusti. The testbooth will be located at the ski school Turek place. more



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